Star Wars: Battlefront – Open Beta Download

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Electronic Arts‘ / DICE‘s upcoming Star Wars based online multiplayer first/third person shooter Star Wars: Battlefront is moving with its development in a big way, as its open beta is now live to download and to play soon after.

What you’ll be playing with is two PVP modes and one coop mode. Walker Assault on Hoth which is 40-players in size where it’s sort of an attack and defend mode, Drop Zone on Sullust which is 16-players in size and it’s a sort of a dynamic conquest mode, and lastly the Survival Mission on Tatooine where yourself and/or with your friend go up against a horde of enemies.

Download the beta here. [Download available on the 07/10/2015. Servers goes live on 08/10/2015]

Played it? We’d love to know what you thought about it.

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