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We have all played or at least heard of one of the .io series of games. Agar.io and Slither.io come to mind when I think of these, with as many hours that I have sunk into them that I have. These games are relatively simple. Agar.io just has you has an orb and you have to eat small orbs to become a bigger orb. Slither.io was similar as you have to eat smaller snakes to become a bigger snake. In Squadd.io, that changes a little bit. In this game, your objective is to run around a map, collecting powerups to shoot at everyone else. More kills grant more points and more points give you more avatar xp to unlock more weapons and characters. You start out by choosing your character. There is a wide selection of people you can be ranging from Laura Croft to the God of the Underworld, Anubis to the charismatic and famous Mr. T. Once you have your character chosen, you select the type of weapon that you are going to take into battle with you. You can either go with an accurate pistol, the devastating shotgun, or the quick firing uzi.

Once that is past, you are dropped into the map and set to take out anyone that has the misfortune of coming across your screen. There are a multitude of objects that can be used as cover and objects that you can shoot to destroy or blow-up. There is also a dash ability with helps you leap out of the way of an incoming shot into cover or helps you catch-up to that cowardly player that took off because you blasted him down to 3hp with your shotgun. It has several uses and adds a little bit of depth to an otherwise simple game. If you die, no problem. You click one button and are sent back into the action. No questions asked. Just make sure you don’t loose track of time while playing. Might have not realized that 3 hours had passed from when I had started playing, but that is the good thing about these kind of games.

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