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Nature is one of the Earth’s greatest beauties. The vast forests, the creatures that dwell within them, and the inner workings of the ecosystem are all fascinating things to view and learn about. You get a bit of a first hand look at this in the title Spike : Under the Leaves, developed by the students at  ISART DIGITAL.

You start off watching a family of porcupines making their way through the forest. After a moment, they are attacked by one of their many aerial predators. You are separated from your family and have to try to make your way back to them. After a little bit of wandering, the bird starts to circle back, seeing that you are on your own. To avoid him, you have to be smart and use your environment. One of the usual techniques of hiding include rolling around in a pile of leaves and having them stick to your spines. Doing this gives you a camouflage that makes it so that the bird is unable to see you, but you have to be quick. They do fall off after a little bit of time and you will become visible to the bird again.

The aerial predator is only one of the few dangers that your little porcupine will run into as he makes his quest to find his family again. It is a very relaxed game with a nice, calming setting and the music is pleasant to listen to. Nature is very beautiful, but all things that live in it still have to eat, so you have to make sure that you are not the one that gets eaten.

Download the student game on the game’s itch page.

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