SPÅRVAGN, Prototype Jam Download

SPÅRVAGN, Prototype Jam Download

SPÅRVAGN is a traffic controlling game made by Dustyroom. The game was made for the Ludum Dare 47 game jam and the prototype is available to download at it’s Itch page.

Control the trams moving around as you carefully pick up passengers ready to ride.

Click on trams to stop them, and again to make them start.

Make sure to avoid crashes, by stopping the trams before they run into each other.

In the later levels, as trams begin to increase and share tracks, things won’t be so simple and will require constant attention and quick judgment.

Can you finish each level by picking up every passenger or will you fail and give up?

To keep up with the game’s development, or any other game being developed, then check out and follow the developers on Twitter.

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