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Bullet-hell games have gone through hundreds and hundreds of different variations that makes then all stand out on their own and add a lot of strategy to each and every game. FacePunch Studios has recently been developing one such 2d pixellated bullet-hell game called Space Usurper.

You control one small ship and your goal is to destroy the command ship that is put before you. Unlike most other bullet-hell games, you aren’t just shooting something until it disappears off the screen. Your bullets do physical damage to the enemy ship. You shoot a part of the ship and that part is destroyed and gone. If you disconnect a section of the ship from the main body, that part is gone along with anything it had that was shooting at you. This game is all about being able to take out the ship piece by piece until you are able to get at the main core in the center. Take out the core and you make it to the next level, with the enemy sporting a different looking ship with a whole different arsenal.

This sorta gameplay isn’t without its difficulties, of course. The ships will have an array of weaponry to try to take our your ship from homing shots to your standard bullet to shots that utterly dwarf your own ship. You have to plan your movements and shots carefully so that you don’t end up getting caught by any one of these deadly projectiles. Your movements will have to be precise and your shots even more so if you hope to see the end of this battle.

Sign-up for the beta on the game’s website.

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