Soulblight – Alpha Sign-Up

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Die, change, repeat. Die, change, repeat. Soulblight is a 2D top-down action adventure roguelike RPG that’s set in a dark shattered reality. A game that throws away generic RPG systems and introduces its unique “Taint System” where, for example, you become an alcoholic and be rewarded with benefits, but being somber might become something that you can’t bear.

The developers made this unique system so that you’ll be provided and be engage with what Role-Playing Games should offer, in a much more higher level. Equip different armor, strike with different weapons and use a variety of utilities for your own aid. Enjoy the game’s randomly generated levels, dynamic combat with different optional play-styles from action to stealth, fantastic visuals and the much loved perma-death.

Sign up for the alpha on the game’s website.

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