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The talent behind the Dead Space 2 and 3 games left EA and started a new studio called Outpost Games, and that was a few years back. Their first game currently known as SOS, which is a multiplayer survival game where you “become the ultimate survivor” and “turns the ultimate survivors into stars” whatever that means.

That’s about regarding what the game is. That’s the info available currently, and only the game’s logo, two environmental screenshots, one of which is bury with the other one being one of a dark corridor with glowing mushrooms from the looks of it.

We chatted with the developers regarding more information for the game, and they commented that they’ll release a lot more information soon, as well as more media (screenshots definitely, videos is a possibility). For now, they’re accepting sign-ups for an upcoming closed alpha test which is starting next month on the 2nd of March 2017.

Sign-up for the alpha on the game’s website.

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