Sonic Freedom, Fan Game Download

Sonic Freedom, Fan Game Download

Sonic Freedom, a fan-made game from the Sonic series, which is available to download from its creator’s Twitter post, that’s being developed by tripplejaz & marmitoTH.

This is one fan creation that has masterfully combined the TV show quality level of hand-drawn art and animation, and mixed it into what we come to expect from a Sonic-type game, that resulted in an experience that would make Sega panic, if Sonic was under the public domain and Sonic Freedom was a competing game.

If by chance you don’t know about the Sonic series, it’s usually a 2D action adventure platformer that’s set in a fantasy world in which you play as a very speedy hedgehog, named Sonic, that collects magical rings.

If you enjoyed playing the demo, and would like to keep up to date with the game’s development, then make sure to check out and follow the game’s Twitter account.

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