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Snowed In is a 3D narrated puzzle game where you control a small girl named Tabitha who had the misfortune of running across an evil witch on her way home one day. She plans to take you home and eat you, so to keep you from escaping she puts you into her magic snow globe. In the snow globe are several trees, a hollow stump, and a cottage. The snow is just as real as you are so you have to make your way into the cottage to be able to survive.

It is a very cute game with the narrator making remarks at most everything that you do that can progress the game. You control the globe itself. You tilt it around to make Tabitha move around and cause the various objects to go in that direction as well. You can also shake it, which causes items to be tossed from trees and cause various events to occur. You have to use these limited tools to be able to find your way to the cottage.

The game is well written with some good humor. It isn’t very long, takes about 12 minutes to beat, but the puzzles are all logical and the narrator is very satisfying and hilarious. The art style and character models are all very cute and are great to look at. It is up to you to find the secrets of the globe and to help poor, little Tabitha get out of the harsh cold.

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