Snipers Vs Thieves – Open Beta Download [Mobile: iOS/Android]

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If you’ve played Payday like me, there must’ve been at some point the feeling of wanting to be the cops and not the robbers. Snipers Vs Thieves  makes it possible to do so.It’s a multiplayer game where you either play as a sniper who must stop 4 other players from getting away with the cash stolen, or you play as a robber and try to get away with the cash while avoiding getting killed by the sniper. You can use the cash you get to either buy new weapons for the sniper or get new money bags for the robber, and for both you can buy gadgets.

Additionally you can either create or join a Cartel which is a crew where you can team up with other players and rob a bank together. So the game is pretty fun ,it has good mechanics,graphics are very good and I’ve spent countless hours playing it and i highly recommend downloading it.

Download the beta on Google PlayStore for Android, and on the Apple Store for iOS.

Played it? We’d love to know what you thought about it.

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