Smelter, Beta Demo Download

Smelter, Beta Demo Download

Smelter, a strategy action platformer developed by X PLUS, is now in beta and the demo is available to download on its Steam page.

Play as Eve, as you find yourself in an unfamiliar world separated from your beloved Adam. Desperately in search of your beloved, you run into a way too confident winged creature. His name is Smelter and he offers you his help. He has a unique ability to “Flootipoo” with other people, granting them immense power. You flootipoo with Smelter and embark on a quest together to claim the Rumbly Lands and expand Smelter’s territory. Doing so would help in searching various domains for any sign of Adam, hopefully in one piece.

This game is a combo of action-platformer and top-down strategic gameplay. Alternate between the two genres as you find yourself experiencing multiple action-packed platforming levels. Build a massive base and fight your way through several quests in a top down view. Not to mention, there are also 3 unique elemental skill sets with over 40 upgrades to assist in varied combat, defense and movement tactics.

Experience the diverse scenery, from hellish worlds to beautiful landscapes.

Master the “smelt” ability allowing you to navigate through difficult terrain in both combat and on objects.

Enjoy the strategy maps containing various building types, events and upgrades that will help in destroying all intruders coming into Smelter’s base.

If you feel like you would be interested in the game and would like to stay updated then follow Smelter on Twitter.

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