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When we were kids, we have all built up a structure of some kind and ended up having to knock it down either because you wanted to or it was time to clean up your toys. Some of the more imaginative people would have made characters out of their other toys and made them all have a big showdown on the structure, slowly taking out pieces as the fight ramped-up. Taira Games, newest title SkyRoad, is very close to this sorta setup. The only difference is the environments and everyone has a rocket launcher.

In this PvP Voxel style first-person shooter, your goal is to either blast your opponents to kingdom come or destroy the environment to cause them to fall to their doom. They only have couple of game modes that are dedicated to specific maps. Forest, Desert, and Castle are all dedicated as a free-for-all map, while there is one map called Olympia, that is saved for a game mode that they have titled Rainbow, where you are on a small ringed platform with 8 different parts being colored differently. It seems to be a simon says style of game, where a color would be called out and that platform would disappear and you are either safe on another platform or you call to the abyss below. I wasn’t able to see much of it as most of the players were on the PvP maps, but just this small inclusion of a different game mode, suggests that others may follow suit.

The free-for-all modes are very fast paced. There are various power-ups on the map that will allow you to get a one-up on the other players, whether it allows you to move faster or blow an entire chunk out of the map, they are all useful and players will be seen constantly fighting for them. So far, the game is very bare-bones, but it makes for an fun game to play with friends, and the graphics are very good, not to mention that you can destroy the entire map in the process of one of these matches. Something about your only weapon being a rocket launcher makes first-person-shooters all the more fun.

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