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When your game looks this nice you don’t need to know anything else. Skyless City is a top-down turn-based tactical game that’s set in a dystopian cyberpunk world. Great looking and stylish visuals with interesting gameplay mechanics presents a unique experience to enjoy. There isn’t any footage out there to see yet, but thankfully there’s a nice description of it to read and get a good idea of how it’ll play out.

Before going into battle you’ll form your own squad from the lower level units to one of the most talented, where you can also fully customize them from changing their skills and weapons, to their visual presentations with clothing. When in combat you’ll first plan your strategy in the planning stage, telling your squad where to go and what to do, then once you’re done the enemy will do the same thing, after that when both you and your enemy are done planning, both of your plans will be executed simultaneously.

It looks great and it’s using the new turn-based system that a few games have been using over the past few years, which brings in a lot more strategic thinking and careful decision making as you try to determine your enemies next set of moves.

Sign-up for the pre-alpha here.


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