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I really enjoy games that have good dog-fighting, like in Battlefield or in Star Wars : Battlefront. The thrill of travelling across the map at high speeds while trying to maneuver your way behind the enemy fliers to take them out while also trying to keep yourself alive is immense. Of course, I would usually end up just slamming into the ground.

Well, in Sky Knights, you don’t need to worry about smashing into the ground all that much. It is a top-down 3D dog-fighter created by Hampus Bankler. You control one of the many fighter air crafts that you can choose and customize and fight other people in the air. The controls are fairly simple. You have full control of the throttle. If you have it all the way up, you travel faster. Have it all the way down, you travel slower. It is that simple. Although, actually using this in application is where the fun comes in. Smart use of your throttle is how you are going to get behind your opponents and be able to take them out.

Your main goal is to destroy the enemy Forward Operating Base while defending your own. You have array of weapons and tools to help with this. For this, I’ll simply be talking about the basic weaponry you get at the start. Your primary weapon is your machine gun. This is good for taking out small targets, like the enemy air craft, but they require you to have a good line of sight on the enemy to make the hit. If that is a bit too troublesome, you can also use your heat-seeking missiles. These take a moment or two to lock on, but will go straight for your opponent for a direct hit. For the FOBs, you are provided a couple of bombs that you can drop from your plane onto the base for massive damage. You also have a set of flares to help run off those heat-seeking missiles should you happen to be caught in their sight. The last tool you have are the afterburners that you can use to give your plane the boost it needs to either catch up to a fleeing enemy or escape from pursuers.

All of these weapons have a limit to how much they can be used, so you will need to keep an eye on that. The only way to restock is to fly back to your base and land on the runway. This will restock your weapons, refuel your afterburners, and heal you of any damage you took. Overall, the game is very polished and makes me excited to see what further changes are going to be made before final release.

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