SkidStorm – Alpha Download [Mobile: Android]

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Have you ever wanted to play a good racing game on your mobile?  Wanted to play a game where you could find a great car, be it a muscle car or an exotic one? i know that i have. Finding one that’s good enough is pretty hard, so that’s why I present to you SkidStorm.

It’s a Fast Paced, Multi Player game in which you have to race other players to the finish while drifting through corners to fill up your nitro. At first you play versus bots so that you get how the game works, but then it’s just you against other players. Skill plays a big role in the game, you either win or lose depending on your skills. But it’s not only the skill that matters, you get coins to upgrade your car and tune it,you can upgrade your engine/tires/nitrous etc.

Oh and what makes it even better is that you don’t race on the same boring track, there are environments ranging from deserts to frozen tundra, which kinda makes the game way more fun since every track is different than the other and you”ll get the pleasure of mastering every single track.

Felt the need to show your friends and other players around the world how good of a driver you are? It has never been this satisfying. So yes this game is  a Must Download since it’s Fun To Play.

Download the alpha on the Playstore.

Played it? We’d love to know what you thought about it.

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