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It is the apocalypse. The world has succumbed to years of war and catastrophe, but the human race still lives on. They have adapted to their new environment and have formed different factions. These factions did not learn from their predecessor as they are still fighting for the same energy source that originally destroyed the world. AIMO. That is the basis for the 3D tactical RPG, Sick City, developed by Roccat Games Studios.

You choose from two factions that you can use. You can be the Legion. An evil, merciless faction that will try to crush everything that stands in their way. Their units are very slow and it is very expensive to recruit more of them, but their armor and weaponry is top-notch and they have access to the moving fortresses that are the Tanks. The second faction is the Kidz. Don’t let their name fool you, though. They may be young, but they can run clear across the map in no time and are masters at scouting and setting up ambushes for anyone that is unlucky enough to get caught in them They should not be underestimated.

Both of these factions have access to a set of hero units. These units are powerful characters that have access to an array of special abilities that will help you capture the most AIMO resource points and take out the enemy squads. The sooner you can take all the resource points, the faster you can move to finally reaching an end to this seemingly endless war.

Sign-up for the closed alpha on the game’s website.

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