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Shuta is a turn based strategy shooter. The game is very basic. There are two players that are put into an arena. You both move on the same turn where you can either move or take a shot. Get hit with the shot, you die, and the game goes to the survivor. It is very simple, but there are a host of strategies that can be implemented and used to take out your opponent before he takes you out.

There are a few modifiers that you can set for the arena. You can have the base arena that has a few walls here and there for cover or you can have one smaller ball covering the center of the arena. Difference between the two is how it affects your ball and movement paths. The standard arena will have no affect on you while the arena with the circle in the center will have its own “gravitational field”. That means you can keep your momentum from a previous movement to keep going and shoot for the next turn, but you have to be smart as your shot will also be affected by the field.

The game is very simple, but uses a combination of mechanics from SUPERHOT and Toribash which make it a very strategic and fun game. One that I hope will grow in the future to make it even better.

Download the prototype jam game on Moddb.

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