Shoppe Keep – Beta Access

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We’ve all “role-played” in many RPGs as the hero who’ll save the world or something along those lines, but what about role-playing as a different type of character in a fantasy RPG, like a shop owner who sells potions and gear? Well now you can in Shoppe Keep, a first person management game where you sell your goods to adventurers/heroes who need them.

You’ll feel a lot more connected and into the role-playing mood more as this is a unique kind of game that most nobody ever thought of in a general sense, and a really fun/great refreshing game to play in a world filled with hero-themed RPGs. Keep your shop clean and in tip-top shape, keep supplies coming and manage the pricing to keep getting more money to buy more supply and pay tax.

Get access to the beta with the full game here.

Played it? We’d love to know what you thought about it.

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