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Shardbound is a Tactical Collectible Card Game that is being produced by Spiritwalk Games and currently in Early Access on Steam. In the world of Shardbound, an interesting event has taken place. Shards of of an ancient, destroyed world are falling from the sky. These shards contain the units and resources that you will need to start your own noble house and rule over the land. The game play consists of using the cards that you have collected on a gridded plane. You summon your units and attempt to take out the enemy units and take out their hero. There is a lot going into the strategy one must consider if they wish to be victorious.

All units and spells have their own uses and abilities. There are some that are good for taking enemies out at a distance while others are there to provide support and buff your other cards. As you go through the game, you will have to start invading other players Shardfalls, essentially their home base. If you are able to capture any, you are given the resources needed to open boxes which contain even more units and other rewards.

The game is also developed to be played along with a streamer on Twitch. If you play while watching them, you will be put under that streamers banner and can complete missions and the like while they go off and do their own thing. The rewards for doing so not only benefit the streamer, but the audience as well, so it is highly recommended that you play with someone who is streaming the game or steam it yourself. All in all, I have been a fan of Collectible Card games for most of my life and this game will be no different. They are adding more and more cards every day that change the flow of battle, so make sure you are prepared to try to get your own piece of the shards.

Download the alpha on Steam.

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