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All the light is fading, and the priestess has taken it for herself. When the light disappears, demons, monsters, and denizens of evil arise. Civilization has split into two groups: those who follow the priestess and abide by her will, and those who oppose the priestess and want to see light distributed among the people. It’s these people who call upon the aid of you, the ShadoWalker, a dark demon bathed in shadow that feeds off light. They ask you light you kill the priestess, and restore light to the people.

ShadoWalker is a stealth-action puzzle game where, as the titular demon, you’re tasked with ending the priestess’ tyranny. She’s locked herself away atop a towering fortress, and it’s your job to get to her. Shadows are your haven, and all light is fatal. You’ll need to use shadows to your advantage in order to maneuver past citizens as well as deadly creatures. The ShadoWalker has the ability to shadow walk, enabling you to dive into the surface of any shadowed area. As long as there isn’t light to blocking your path, you can move anywhere. However, dogs can sense you while you’re submerged, so you’ll need to be careful. Most of the game’s challenge comes from trying to maneuver in the shadows cast by moving objects you have no control over, making for some heart-pounding action.

ShadoWalker is a student project, so it’s a holistic and smooth experience (save for a few bugs here and there). It’s a novel idea that is short, engrossing, and worth your time. Check it out!

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