Seaweed, Prototype Jam Download

Seaweed is a 2D underwater adventure game, made using PICO-8, that has its prototype up on its itch page, a game developed by DragonXVI for the Rainbow Jam 2020 game jam.

“Seaweed” is a short underwater adventure created with PICO-8 for the Rainbow Game Jam 20 over a period of 2 weeks with the theme “Strength In Numbers”.   In it you must guide the Nereid Kleio through the facility and collect fish to help you hit switches and attack enemies.  You must also help out your human ally as she tries to free you from the facility but runs into her own obstacles.  Using the fish, you can also unlock caged creatures with special abilities to help tackle specific obstacles and traverse deeper through the facility.

You have to swim around, free the sea captives, watch out for any threats and collect every creature to find strength in numbers on the way to freedom.

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