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I like puzzle games, but I love ones where I’d play around with the environment at a large scale. See You On The Other Side is one such game, an atmospheric first person puzzle platformer where you cannot walk on areas where there is no light, meaning you cannot walk in the shadows. Another way to look at it, what if the floor was lava, but instead of lava it’s shadows.

The whole game revolves around you manipulating lights and shadows to your advantage as you try and overcome obstacles, progression through areas of where you couldn’t before without manipulating light.

It’s not just one lamp does all kind of game. There’s various types of lights that you’ll encounter and use, ones that you can pick up and move, others are stuck but can change its direction, a mix of both of those two, and ones where the light output increases and decreases depending on your distance to another.

Even thought the developers have went with a “mechanics first” design principle, the outcome of the art style and the level design is simple outstanding in beauty, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the would be a very interesting story to follow it, if there ever will be one. See You On The Other Side is one puzzler to keep your spotlight on for.

Sign-up for the alpha on the game’s website. [Pre-Alpha Demo Download]

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