Salt 2, Alpha & Beta Sign-up, Game Announced With A Trailer

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Salt 2 alpha sign ups, as well as for its beta test, just went live! For those who don’t know about the game, it’s a first person action adventure exploration game, developed by Lavaboots Studios, that’s set in an open world setting with a focus on freedom, exploration and general discovery by crafting your own rafts and ships to set sail onto the open sea.

Set sail across an infinite ocean and explore islands filled with quests, pirates, merchants, ancient ruins, and other mysterious places. Discover epic loot, upgrade your ship, hunt and fish for food, and craft upgrades to aid you in your adventure.

Considering this is a sequel to the first game, we can see how the visuals and sailing motion / animations have improved. There’s little other information to what other changes have been made, or any other new additions that were added, that were added, but we’ll report on it as they come out.

Sign up for the for the game’s upcoming alpha and beta tests on its website.

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