Saiko No Sotuka, Alpha Demo Download

Saiko No Sotuka, Alpha Demo Download

Saiko No Sotuka is an anime horror survival game, with its alpha build available to download over at its itch page, that’s being developed by Umair Ejaz (Habupain).

In this game you play as the protagonist who has to escape from a crazy yandere girl who wants you dead. You have to find keys and a code in the school to escape all while avoiding her. Aside from the part where she literally chases you everywhere you go, she even hides and lies in waiting for you, adding a nice layer of immersion!

The music and the voice chosen for the girl complement each other greatly and add to the ambiance to the game which is very..very creepy.

Keep in mind the game is still in a very rough alpha state, so you might experience some bugs, but if you’re into horror games, you might enjoy this one (definitely had me screaming).

If you’d like to keep up with the game’s development, then make sure to follow the game’s Twitter account.

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