RUiN – Beta Sign-Up

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Ever played that awesome game mode from Warcraft 3 that’s not Dota but Warlock? Well you’d be surprised how many others like it and wanted to make a standalone full game out of it, and RUiN is looking to be a marvelous reimagining of it.

It’s an online multiplayer PVP game where you and 2 other players go up against another team of 3 in an all out action-filled battle, in an destructible arena that’s shrinking overtime. You’ll select from a wide combination of abilities to use against your opponents, where instead of dealing damage you’ll try and push them out of the arena, to which the outside area is of an electric grid that would deal massive amount of damage.

Sign-up for the beta here.

Played it? We’d love to know what you thought about it.

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