RoboDunk, Beta Sign Up

RoboDunk, Beta Sign Up

RoboDunk is a game that combines NBA Jam and Rogue Legacy with a twist of ROBOTS! It has beta sign-ups live over at the game’s website. It is being developed by Jollypunch Games.

In RoboDunk, player(s) are drawn into a variety of diverse matchups in which there are sets of unique rewards, rules, traps and opponents in each DIFFERENT match. With each victory, your bots acquire new skills and enhancements.

Knowing that RoboDunk includes tons of exciting convolutions, you’d also have the ability to unlock various new skills in the skill tree and learn more about the story as you collect lore items, piecing them together to know more about the Gods, and why ‘Dunk’ is the meaning of life.

There is a wide range of interesting and fantastic characters to choose between, as well as insane modifiers like Fast Ammo, Double Pass, and Shocking Pass, which you can download before each game.

If you find this game interesting and would like to keep up to date with its development, then make sure to check out and follow the developer’s Twitter account.

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