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Robbie Swifthand and the Orb of Mysteries is an indie platforming, rage game developed by Pixel Reign studios. The plot of the game starts you off being transported to an ancient temple, where a spirit tells you to save humanity by collecting shards to rebuild an Orb. The spirit tells you it can teleport you out of the temple once the orb is rebuilt.

On each of the 7 levels, (more to be added soon) you must find an orb and throw it into a portal, avoiding various traps along the way, such as spikes, and giant swinging axes. The game’s fast character and slight input delay (this may be because my computer had a little trouble running it) makes the game pretty difficult, as you have to get better with timing. This game also has A LOT of trial and error, this is mostly due to getting the timing down, and being caught off guard by hidden surprise traps, or random falling blocks.

I expected the music in this game to be pretty hectic and fast paced, since it is a rage game after all, but the games music was pretty calm and chill. The music itself is alright, it just seems to be only one song on loop though, which for mTe is a little irritating. The sound effects in the game are good quality, from the character grunting, to the fire in the background, it’s all there.

The animations in the game are nice and smooth, nothing felt really clunky, and the developers added a lot of detail to the character Robbie. For example, when you’re near a giant swinging axe, the character’s eyes would follow the movement of the axe, while there is also a panicked expression on his face. There are other things as well, such as when you’ve jumped and climbed multiple times Robbie’s breathing would get heavy. along with some cloudy breath animations.

Overall I feel like this is a fun platformer, and I would definitely recommend it (if you don’t mind getting frustrated or angry at least.) If you’re looking for a fun platforming game but hate challenging, or infuriating ones, then this game is not for you.

Download the beta demo on the game’s GameJolt page.

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