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A story about escape and imprisonment. A story about war and peace. A story about defeat and victory. That is the kinda story that Axion Games’ newest 3D action fps title, Rising Fire is gonna be about.

Somewhere in the not so distant future, we are visited by a fleet of aliens called the Shaia. They are looking for asylum on planet Earth. They give no word as to what they are running from, but they do offer to trade their advanced technology with us, as long as we provide them the safety that they need. We give that to them, but at a much higher cost than they imagined. They are corralled and detained in barren reservations. After years of this abuse, they come and make a stand against humanity, starting the war. We lose this war and the Shaia are now the dominant species on the planet. But, the humans are not done yet. They resurrect a few of their legendary heroes, men and women who were in a join program with the Shaia to create super soldiers. Mixed with Shaia technology they have the ability to create shields to block all manner of projectiles, or create a destructive ball of energy that they can fling at their enemies, or harness elements and use that to wipe out foes.

Your character decides what ability they get. You can join your friends for a little bit of cooperative fun by either completing missions or taking on other teams of super soldiers, to further train yourself. These super soldiers are humanities last hope to reclaim the planet and to end the war once and for all.

Sign-up for the beta by emailing the developers (Email on the game’s site).

Played it? We’d love to know what you thought about it.

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