Revita, Alpha Demo Download

Revita, Alpha Demo Download

Revita, a fast paced roguelite twin stick platformer developed by BenStar, is in alpha and the demo is available to download on its Steam page.

You find yourself waking up in a metro with no memories, your only sense of purpose to reach the clocktower. Will you regain your memories and find the answers you seek at the top of the tower?

Explore a subway station filled with interesting characters and scary monsters as you reach the elevators and get closer to the top of the tower.

Battle through several procedurally generated rooms and collect power-ups and items to make your character even stronger.

You can tweak your characters playstyle to fit your needs. If you would like to play a glass cannon and speedrun the game, you can exchange hp for more power. On the other hand, you can also go for more balanced attack and defense stats as you try, die and repeat till you find the perfect balance.

If you enjoyed playing the alpha demo, and would like to keep up to date with the game’s development, then make sure to check out and follow the developers’ Twitter account.

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