Reverse Falls: The Game, Fan Game Demo Download

Reverse Falls: The Game, Fan Game Demo Download

Gravity Falls’ Reverse Falls is a visual novel game that has a demo you can download right this moment. A fan-made concept cooked up by Mike Inel as an April Fools joke in 2017, but it got fans of the series and of Mike’s followers hyped up about it, but it was decided that developing it was not an option at the time.

That’s until developers Giddy Fresh Team came into the picture. They got interested in the idea to the extent that they want to bring this concept to life, getting Mike’s full permission to develop the game.

This game is going to be a visual novel with point’n click elements. There will be an inventory/map system, along with mini-puzzles, mini-games, and branching story choices. We’re a small team of volunteers creating the game in our free time so the full release will definitely take a while.

Download the fan game on its GameJolt page.

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