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Reverse Falls is a fan-made visual novel based off of the popular TV series “Gravity Falls”. This short downloadable demo shows you, the reader, a small glimpse into what a world would look like if the enemies in the show became your allies, and vice-versa. I find this to be an interesting concept, since I’m a big fan of the TV show. The game starts you off with Bill Cipher exploring an alternate universe, that’s about to collide into the normal Gravity Falls universe. He goes into this universe and notices that all the characters are different, all the good characters are bad, and all the bad characters are good.

I found the demo to be pretty entertaining, but it was extremely short, only like five minutes long. I was hoping to see a bit more of what the characters were like, but they only showed a small snippet. It left me wanting to see more, some of the introductions to the characters weren’t really long enough for me to get a feel of what they were like.

I loved the character design in this visual novel, they gave each character such a unique look and style. Everyone looks completely different than in the TV show, you can tell a lot of time and effort went into designing these characters, and it really paid off.

The music in this game is alright, a lot of it sounds mostly just royalty free stuff they got online, the only music I really liked was the main menu music. Which was a slower, more sinister sounding version of the Gravity Falls theme song.

There are a few things that bother me in this game, for instance, when they introduced Bill into the visual novel, the dev used voice samples from the show. It was alright at first, but the dev only used vocal samples for Bill, none of the other characters had any. On top of that, the dev used the same vocals, for the character over and over again, which got a little annoying. Another thing that bothers me in this game, is that there are a few grammatical errors in it.

Overall, the visual novel was interesting, and I would definitely recommend it, especially if you’re a gravity falls fan.

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