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If you’re not shy when it comes to large online battles, you’re going to find a new home in Rend, a hybrid survival game that includes factions, RPG elements and much more in a unique online experience. At the start, players will choose to side with one of three factions before they even enter the game world. This fantasy universe is anything but forgiving, and will challenge players in many ways, throwing harsh weather and hostile creatures their way. But what the game world doesn’t accomplish after chewing you up and spitting you out, other human players will surely attempt.

Rend is about giving the player options for how they want to interact with the game world. Progressing through the game world as a member of a faction will be an important guideline to follow when playing. This path is marked by the World Tree, which acts as a home base to each of the three factions. On every server, the World Tree keeps track of lost souls that have been gathered by players and transferred to the tree. Once enough souls have been bestowed upon the tree, the winning faction is the champion of the server. Should the Divinity Stone at the tree be destroyed, that faction is wiped off the server until someone else declares victory. This is a race for dominance in a dynamic game world that never stays the same for long, and it’s up to you and your faction to assert and maintain that dominance by any means necessary.

Sign-up for the pre-alpha on the game’s website.

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