Remothered: Tormented Fathers – Beta Sign-Up

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Sign ups are open for Remothered: Tormented Fathers, a third person adventure survival horror game, where you play as Rosemary who’ll face psychopaths and fanatics in the pursuit of discovering the truth.

Tormented Fathers is the first chapter of the Remothered saga. hiding and running from your life as obsessed stalkers are always behind you, with no weapons of any kind to help you fend them off. Use and increase your skills to get through this nightmare, hear your enemies footsteps and be careful not to make any sounds yourself.

What’s also great about the game, aside from its fantastic visuals, characters and story, is that there is no over the top or silly puzzles to solve, the only ones available are based on the thought of reality and ones that everyday people might face.

Sign up for the beta on the game’s website.

Vote for the game on Steam Greenlight.

Played it? We’d love to know what you thought about it.

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