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You have been chosen to atone for your sins by fighting a war single-handedly in the name of the Daughter of the Sun. Your task is to destroy the armies of the Son of Moon and reclaim the Daughter’s homelands. That is the basic plot of the new indie 3D FPS REDUM OF SUN.

Once you start the game, you are dropped into a beautifully crafted world. In the distance, you will see blue beacons shining up to the skies. Those locations are where your enemies are. You have to go to each one and kill every enemy that you find there. Once you have done that, the beacon will turn orange indicating that the area has been liberated. Now, you aren’t going in empty-handed. You were a legendary hunter in your time and have been given a very powerful bow to help take out your enemies. This bow can swap between three different types of arrows. Your standard arrow, a homing scatter arrow, and a void arrow. The scatter arrow will release 4 different projectiles that will home in on enemies. They do the least amount of damage between the three, but are good for dealing groups that are all scattered around. For a more tightly nit group, you will want to use your Void arrows. Once it come in contact with an enemy or the ground, it will explode out the void trapped in it, swallowing up everything it touches.

Of course, these arrows are limited. You need to collect balls of energy to get more of these arrows. You can get these by either killing enemies or shooting gems that are left every which way. The game has a very big open world that you can explore and the enemy designs are all unique and makes them interesting to fight. Of course, the Son of Moon will not simply sit by and let you do what you want. He will do everything in his power to try to stop you.

Download the prototype demo on itch. [indieGoGo]

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