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Red Dude is a 3D first-person shooter resembling SUPERHOT very closely, but with a few added mechanics that makes all the difference. You are an assassin that has been tasked with killing ‘The Red Dude’. A dangerous and elusive target, but the payment is too much to ignore. Luckily, you have several special tools at your disposal.

Your first and most useful tool will be your teleport-disc. Not only does throwing it cuts through anything that stands in its way, but when you click the throw button again you will instantly teleport to its location. Useful for when you are caught in a jam and really need to not be in the location you are at the time. If that happens to fail or if you happen to get nailed by a stray shot you didn’t see, you also have the ability to rewind time for 5 seconds. This ability is helpful as it can help remedy a mistake or help you see plan for something unexpected. Nobody said that this hunt would be easy, but with the amount of cash that you are being paid, how can you possibly refuse.

Download the prototype jam game on Moddb.

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Footage via Kindly Keyin

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