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How would you feel if your ancient ancestors were in a high government position on a rich, new land and had all of that ripped away and stolen from them as they are exiled to a distant island? Most people would be very upset by this. This is the premise for a new 3D Action-Adventure, Sci-fi shooter, Reavers of New Rome. You play as the great-great-grand son/daughter that finally returns to the lands of New Rome after 100 years of exile. The city and town is in ruins, depraved rulers use the city as their personal playground and will shoot and kill anything in sight. Under the rule of Emperor Caligula-Reincarnated-As-Caligula, the land has fallen into a state of chaos and this is the exact chance that the old senators were waiting for. It is time for revenge.

This game requires a bit of quick, split-second decision making. Shots are flying at you from all angles and an enemy with a spear could come running from any opening that you come across. You are equipped with a blaster and an energy sword. You have to use these tools to make your way through the city and through all the enemies that stand in your way. If you take damage, there are health pick-ups scattered throughout the entire level to keep you from keeling over. The music is intense and the boss that was shown in the alpha was interesting and fun to fight. Even the low-poly visuals are used very well to give you a feeling that this is a town that has been abandoned and left to rot. Even in this condition it is time to take it back. Take it all back from the person who ripped it all away from your ancestors so long ago.

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