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We all know how popular those fast paced, addictive and never ending score-based games are. Most of these games are made for smartphones, but RUNE Entertainment is going to shiver the game’s market with Rad.

This music driven physics-based racing game where you and up to three other players race against each other to reach the finish line. What’s unique about this game compared to other racers, is that you play as a humanoid that can turn into a ball like Sonic, rolling around on the ground and up curved walls making jumps and performing awesome looking tricks mid-air! Which is the most optimum way of winning a game, instead of having the fastest time.

What’s interesting about the developers themselves, is that they’re known for making video animations for the likes of Disney, Nissan, Samsun as well as EA. Their first game is definitely making use of their talents as we can see from the footage available with smooth animations and badass slow-motion scenes. Which leaves me pointing out and curious if there’ll be any backstory to fit the whole cinematic and action-packed world.

With fantastic visuals, a interesting character as well as fun-looking gameplay, Rad is a unique shimmering star in the sea of its genres, one that I cannot wait to get my hands on and play.

Sign-up for the alpha on the game’s website.

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