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It is conflicting experience when games encourage you to tea-bag your fallen foes, let alone make it absolutely necessary.

PWND is a fast-paced, mobility centric first-person competitive hero shooter where you’ll control one of four (currently) different characters in a 3v3 multiplayer battle. To win, you’ll need to get points, and to get points, you’ll need to humiliate your opponents.

After you kill an enemy, you’ll need to run over their body and “PWN” them. While PWNing is ostensibly confirming a kill, the process is much more dramatic. Depending on the character, you’ll do some sort of animation over the body of your fallen foe. After the animation is complete, you’ll PWN your enemy and get the points for the kill.

The strategy in PWND comes from the act itself. If you PWN your teammate, you can revive them. If you kill someone while they are PWNing your teammate, you’ll create a PWN stack. These stacks will give you a lot more points if you confirm the kill. While certain PWN stacks can only be confirmed by one team or another, eventually they become neutral, allowing either team to be able to collect. Certain areas will spawn on the map where you can get double the points from a PWN. You can carry dead opponents and teammates, allowing you to PWN in a different location.

As the game stands now, you’ll be able to play as four different heroes, each equipped with their own unique skill set. For example, there is a character that can spawn a shield with one of his abilities, or stun enemies with another. This kind of defense could be just what a team needs against an overly aggressive opponent. Other heroes can PWN from a distance, or slow enemies.

You can level up mid-match as well, making your abilities stronger. The accelerated movement is a pivotal aspect to every match. Every hero can wall-run or rocketjump, but each hero has a unique movement skill, like being able to hover mid-air, or performing a ground pound.

PWND is a fast-paced, boisterous first-person shooter. Underneath the eccentricity lies a complicated game that requires planning in order to succeed. PWND is about strategy just as much as it is about tea-bagging.

Get beta access on the game’s Steam store page.

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