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The time has finally come where we can talk about PWND again from when it was first announced back in March 2016. A first person online multiplayer arena shooter and that’s about what we know so far. They still haven’t shared any more information, but we’ll update this article once they become available.

What we do know is that alpha sign-ups are now open, and testing has already begun! I’m hoping that the gameplay and the game in general is as fun and entertaining like the first trailer they’ve released.

Update: I’ve been playing in the closed alpha for a couple of days, and after being informed that there is no NDA, I can talk more about what the game is and how it plays! It’s a very quick arena FPS, with multiple characters to choose from with their own unique abilities, weapons and gameplay style. The main objective of the game, regarding the game mode I’ve played in, is to gain points by shooting down an enemy player, and perform a T-Bag-like action that leaves you vulnerable for a few seconds. You can also stack downed enemy players on-top of each to T-Bag a mountain of them for added points.

You can also carry a downed enemy player’s body to a specific location and T-Bag them there to gain bonus points. Honestly, I’ve never had much fun T-Baging this many players before.

Sign-up for the alpha on the game’s website.

Played it? We’d love to know what you thought about it.

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