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Dogs are man’s best friend. That is a saying that everyone has heard from one time or another and we all understand what it means. Dogs are loyal and love their owners with all of their hearts when they are treated and cared for properly. A recent 3D puzzle game called Puppy’s World, drives this point home.

You play as a young pug who has been waiting for their owner to come back for the past 6 hours or so. He is probably off at work, but the pug does not know that. Your objective is to get to the window that is up several feet off the ground, well over your head and much higher that you can jump. You have to manipulate your environment to be able to reach your objectives. The only controls you have is your movement, your short jump, and the ability to hold things in your mouth. You must use all of these to be able to get to your goal.

The low-poly style used for the objects and for your own character makes the game look fun and makes everything look very adorable and gives you a very powerful message as to the purpose of the game once you have reached the end of it. It is currently very bare bones, but it is a game that was made with love and a specific theme in mind which can very much be expanded on to make a full-fledged game. It showcases one of the worlds most beloved pets and helps you understand what you are to them, so love your pets as much as they love you.

Download the prototype jam game on itch.io.

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