Prototype Gameplay Footage of Knoxville, Karoo & Dwarka

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Press Play, the developers of Max: The Curse of the Brotherhood have released three concept game ideas for gamers to vote on, showing prototype gameplay footage and describing what each game is.

For our case we’d pick Knoxville as the game we hope the developers continue on creating and developing it, because the concept of a survival game with a strong focus on trust and betrayal seems very interesting and it would probably provide a lot of surprises and unique experiences. Plus the art-style is very lovely.

So here’s prototype gameplay footage of Knoxville which is a third person multiplayer action survival game set in a game-show setting.

Here’s prototype gameplay footage of Karoo, a physics based multiplayer construction game set in an open world.

Lastly, prototype gameplay footage of Dwarka, an action first person co-op game set in a dark fantasy world.

Check out the game’s voting website for more information about it and the other two games.

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