Project Slingshot, Alpha Sign Up

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Project Slingshot is a first person shooter online multiplayer PVP sandbox game, that has alpha sign-ups live over at their website. It’s being developed by C77 Entertainment.

Project Slingshot promises a uniquely fresh take on the FPS genre. A new IP, players are invited to enter a world where corporations rule, using battles to settle their differences to devastating effect. Capitalizing on the chaos, big business monetizes their thirst for power by televising the combat to an adoring TV audience, with players fighting for fame and the will to survive. An objective-based 16v16 sandbox, Project Slingshot promises an experience like no other when gamers pick their weapon of choice and enter the adrenaline-fueled combat of the new world.

If you find this game interesting and would like to keep up to date with its development, then make sure to check out and follow the developer’s Twitter account.

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