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Superliminal, is a first person puzzle game with the theme of “Perception is Reality”. The game is available to purchase on its Steam page for $19.99.

You start by watching an advertisement for SomnaSculpt, a leading company in Dream therapy. There a person will be put to sleep, but remains fully conscious in their dream.

This method of therapy proved to be very efficient and the majority see brilliant results. What about the others who don’t? Well…they get stuck in the dream world just like you! Dr. Glenn Pierce, the doctor in your patient care team tries his questionable best to get you out of your dreams but it’s ultimately up to you to figure out how to get out.

The idea behind this game is very innovative as you must use your knowledge of depth and perception to solve insane puzzles and escape the dream world. The bigger an object looks compared to it’s environment, the bigger it actually becomes when you drop it. The opposite is also true.

Explore the depths of your dreams and push the limits of the system as you enter one dream after the other, collecting hidden secrets and discovering blueprints. With the researchers warning you against delving deeper, you start to notice that everything starts to break around you. The game is very trippy, with many optical illusions and looped hallways that will have you questioning everything you see around you, from objects that can be seen only from a certain angle, to objects that look like 2D pictures.

Starting out, this game had a very relaxing vibe to it. The music included beautiful piano songs, and the color scheme was relaxing on the eyes. Later on though, the game seemed to get darker as blood was splattered everywhere and murder was written on the walls; atmospheric horror at its very best. Ultimately though, and spoiler alert here, the game was not horror but just included some horror elements and it returned to it’s relaxing feel soon after.

This game used to be called the “Museum of Simulation Technology” and several youtubers played it, including markiplier and jacksepticeye who even played the final version!

All in all, the game was a very beautiful experience. It had a very powerful message behind it, explained at the end. It teaches a lesson about perspective while taking the player into a colorful journey trough the world of illusions. With only a couple hours of gameplay required to finish the game, it’s truly worth recommending to those looking for a quick, artistic and meaningful game.

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