Preview: Satisfactory

Welcome to Satisfactory, an immersive world of mystery, a vast landscape as far as the eye can see. This alien environment is both ominous and breathtaking, there are four locations you can choose to be launched in: The Grass Fields, Rocky Desert, Northern Forest or Dune Desert.

As you begin the game you watch yourself clasped onto a space pod, then you get greeted by an AI that informs you that you are a pioneer working for the Ficsit company, and you are to explore this world, mine resources, build and harvest this entire planet to fulfil your job.

Exiting the pod, familiarizing yourself with the tools given to you, you start off with using said tools, with your hands and chisel to get some iron and copper ores to start building your hub. However, as you advance, you are introduced to milestones that you’d need to complete so you’d get their rewards from access new and upgraded tools and weapons, as well as new structures and factories.

You quickly adapt to automating your cycle of drilling, from mining ore by hand to building a drill that mines for you, to then having a smelter to process them and produce ingots.

This process gets more automated as you upgrade yourself, where new factories and upgraded versions of current ones are introduced, resulting in a fully functional factory working faster than you ever could, and you have free time to explore this world for more knowledge and research which will provide you with more resources as you advance.

Exploring the world, you are exposed to the flora and fauna of this land, surrounded by amazing waterfalls, calming lakes, beaches and heavily forested areas with skies that shape-shift into breathtaking skylines and lights throughout the day. However, be cautious as some plants are hostile, where as soon as you approach them, they secrete a poisonous gas that depletes your health rapidly, so you have to tread lightly as some beasts are impossible to avoid and will attack you with the intention of killing you. Moreover, you need to learn the patterns of these animals in order to defeat them, then use their remains for research. As you map your way around safe grounds, you are drawn back every once in a while to the grim remains of the space pods that crashed, and you are reminded that your coworkers didn’t make it in this aggressive planet.

The game is definitely addicting, where the more you explore and the more you advance, everything becomes second nature to you, making materials in bulks, building huge factories with chaotically-structured electricity, harvesting and squeezing a green slug for energy, riding highways of  fast-paced conveyor belts, jumping ramps and soft jelly landings, harvesting eerie artifacts that beg you to collect it and flying through the landscapes with your jetpacks.

This first-person building / automation simulator is definitely a satisfying game, with an amazing mysterious world to explore, as you suck its resources dry to fill your boredom for hours on end.

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