Preview: Little Witch Nobeta (Demo)

Little Witch Nobeta, Alpha Demo Download

Have you ever wondered if dark souls could be a cute little adventure anime game? Well Little Witch Nobeta would be that game!

You play as a cute little witch girl named Nobeta, who hacks and slashes all her enemies in epic fashion around a mysterious castle to get to her throne with the help of a little cat.

This game uses a nice Japanese art style, a bit like Madoka Magika, where it has this charming look to it. The characters and environments are stylized well, and no elements feel out of place or are highlighted poorly in other places.

Exploring the maps, mastering mechanics, learning boss patterns, searching for secrets, and solving the puzzles was simply addicting. The game doesn’t feel too complicated mechanically and also doesn’t hold your hand throughout your play session, which makes it all worthwhile. The ambiance music for each area is great and doesn’t feel out-of-place which really helps you enjoy each part.

A little nifty feature in the game is that you don’t take fall damage, and attacking while in the air helps you levitate allowing you to reach places that are otherwise inaccessible.

The combat in this game is worth the struggle, as you get to shoot, use magic, hack and slash and mix and match between abilities to defeat your enemies. Your magic meter charges up much quicker when you use melee attacks, allowing for a combination of melee and ranged offensive game-play.

Consuming items takes some time and can be fatal in boss battles. The game rewards you for paying attention to details, timing your dodges correctly, using abilities when applicable, and using counter measures. It is much more rewarding to be aggressive while you play, especially when facing bosses as it charges up your magic skills faster, allowing you to deal immense damage regularly.

The first boss you encounter (in the demo) proved to be way easier when playing offensively rather than defensively.

Overall, the game was generally fun to play from exploring the castle, blasting enemies away and getting a great challenge fighting a boss.

You can check the game out over at its Steam page, where you’ll be able to purchase the game in its Early Access state.

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