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Beyond Blue is a story driven third-person exploration game that educates and tackles important issues, all while having realistic graphics, realistic animal behavior and scientific facts.

This incredibly stunning game lets us dive into the lives of different marine biologists, as they explore the beyond. More meaning rises and our awareness increases to these everyday issues as we witness life in a whole new perspective.

What is incredible, is that as a young adult I know how many people a video game can reach, sometimes more than a documentary can. This genius method to raise awareness in large quantities and the ability to reach diverse age ranges is fascinating as you get to experience the deep oceans around you and see majestic creatures swim by you.

We follow the story of Dr. Mirai, a young diver that has fond memories of diving with her grandmother which causes her to admire the sea and pursue a career in marine biology. However, throughout her life she is dealing with the loss of her parents and her grandma’s Alzheimer disease, all the while trying to take care of her younger sister. Naturally she learns from the fondness of the whales and has this deep connection with these creatures that are so maternal. She discovers how similar her life is to them, how they take care of each other for centuries and how they never stray from each other with persistence.

There is a certain beauty as you dive and learn about the connection these dedicated humans have made with the sea, and how they learn and teach these lessons everyday first hand. The connection between society and the complexity of human relationships is not really that different from the sea world; these amazing creatures travel together, nurture each other, protect one another and have this incredible cycle that just shows the similarities between us and them.

It has this well-designed feature that shows the realness of scanning creatures, learning their behaviors, memorizing names and admiring these creatures up close. You even earn achievements for being curious and scanning everything.

The music is so diverse, including, but not limited to, Hawaiian artists, indie bands, Miles Davis, original songs and whale songs. They are so perfectly picked that you’ll feel that you are floating in the sea and it just mesmerizes you.

As you explore, you uncover the real people behind these discoveries and irregular movements, of which you notice throughout its story. The game gives you snippets of real-life videos that are both educational and entertaining. Beyond Blue is insightful as it brings to light everything that is happening in the real world on a scientific, environmental and social scale.

Overall, the game was generally fun to play from exploring the deep sea, learning more about whales and playing with dolphins.

You can buy the game for just a rounded-up price of $20 over at its Steam store page, and you can check out its website for more information.

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