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The Tower Defense genre of games are always fun time killers. Most people would probably admit that when they are at the computer lab at school there would be another tab open in the background playing Bloons Tower Defense or something similar. powerCore is a 3D variation on the Tower Defense genre.

How you play is you are given a blue Cube, a power Cube. You pick this up and move it to different areas where it will perform different functions that will assist you in reaching your goal. Your goal is to power the rocket at the back of the screen. Fill that up to 100% and it will take off and you win, but there are things coming to try to stop you from doing that. These little droids will come up to your ship and start siphoning away the power that you have worked to give it so far. To fend these bots off, you need to drop your Cube next to them to stun them for an amount of time and then drop it next to the turrets, so that they can get power and start shooting. Destroying a bot will have it drop a power node, which increases the amount of power that your Cube has. You use this power to charge the ship and to create more turrets.

It is a game about managing your power levels and the location of your Cube. Sometimes it is more advantageous to have it up creating more turrets to add to your firepower while the bots are making their way to your ship. Sometimes it is better to just leave your Cube at the turrets for a few minutes to build up the power nodes that are dropped. It all depends on the situation and how you situate your turrets and the Cube. The power is in your hands. You just have to figure out the best way to use it.

Download the prototype jam on itch.io.

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