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The #MAKEITSUPERHOT Competition allowed for content creators to take the popular game SUPERHOT and make something that is inspired by the mechanics, visuals, gameplay, etc. Anything that peaked their interest and they though they could use in their own project could be used and submitted to the creators of SUPERHOT and ModDB to see who could make the most entertaining and creative game. The 1st place winner of the competition was user LyallCampbell’s Peer-2-Pizza.

In SUPERHOT, your objective is to use the mechanic of time slowing down while you are not moving to be able to dodge bullets and allow you to take out incoming enemies in a stylish manner. Many of the entries for the competition were similar where you have to take out enemies to get to your goal. In this game, your goal is to deliver a pizza to a customer. Very simple concept, but it is just an intense as the original. You have several tools at your disposal to get this pizza to its destination along with the standard time mechanic, where not moving your character results in the world slowing down in time.

You can double jump, which can help you get to higher ledges. You can boost, which will allow you to shoot across the ground for a short period or fly through the air to cover bigger gaps. You can also fast fall. This will allow you to make it through gaps below you or allow you to get to the ground quicker, which is a lot more imperative than you would think. Your last tool is your simplest but most important ability. It allows you to throw the pizza. Holding the throw button down allows you to power up your shot and make it fly quicker and that is it. The pizza will fly in a straight line until it impacts something in the environment, so you have to use this with care.

You have to use these abilities to make your way through and obstacle course to make your delivery with one last heroic throw towards the patron. Of course, in an obstacle course, there will be things that will stand in your way. In SUPERHOT, it was red people who would shoot at you. In Peer-2-Pizza, there are several environmental hazards that you need to be aware of. The first being the Red Wall. Running into the Red Wall will result in an instant Failed Delivery and start you at the beginning and most of them will move around or stand in your immediate path, so you have to find a way around them. As you move further along you will run into the Orange Wall. You can pass through the wall with no issues, but the pizza will be burnt to a crisp if it comes into contact with this, also resulting in a Failed Delivery. There is another obstacle called the Grass Floor. As you move through the various levels, it becomes more and more convenient and helpful to throw your pizza around. Throw it through gaps in the wall to get around an Orange Wall or across a gap to allow you to focus on jumping. It is inevitable that it will sometimes come in contact with the floor, which is fine. As long as you can pick it up before the time limit you will be perfectly fine, but if that floor is a Grass Floor, leads to a Failed Delivery. You have to use your wits and all of your abilities to make it through the perilous obstacle so your customer can enjoy their pizza with full satisfaction.

Download the #MAKEITSUPERHOT prototype jam mod on moddb.

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