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Simulator games are the closest thing I have seen to being video games that are not only fun, but informative and look to educate the player in the specific topic that they cover. PC Building Simulator looks to been made to educate the player in building a computer and what all the components and bells and whistles do. Building a PC can be very stressful as the parts are all expensive, there are a lot of them, and if you have one part out of place, it could potentially brick the entire thing and make someone have to start from scratch. I remember the first PC I tried to build. Thing caught on fire and burnt out the motherboard. Not great and took a lot of money to get a replacement.

In the current alpha build, it shows you where all the pieces go for a set model that they have chosen, goes to explain each piece and how they function, and how to setup the cables that gets the whole thing going. There is only a tutorial level currently, but it allows you to explore your options to build your PC. With that, you can go through and see how to create your very own computer. It give you a set budget and with that, you can get custom parts and see how effective they will be. Now, the options that you do have are very limited and it is currently very bare-bones, but I feel like playing a game for an hour or so taught me more about building a computer than watching video after video online or going through someone’s blog or tutorial. This allows you to look at your pieces and allows you to interact with them for the result that the player wants.

Download the pre-alpha on itch.io.

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