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Pato Box is an explorative fighter, where you play as Platobox. A champion boxer who only distinction is that he has a duck head. He was in the middle of the fight when he started to feel woozy out of nowhere. After a huge blow, he collapses and loses consciousness. Afterwards, he is dragged out of the ring and left to rot in an alley, abandoned by his fans and by his sponsor, Deathflock. He awakens a few days later, being told that he was betrayed by his sponsor and he needs to find out why. From there, you have to explore Deathflock headquarters, looking for the truth while fighting through several of Deathflock’s employees and completing minigames and puzzles.

It is very unique as the fights are only a small percentage of the game. Most of the time, you are in a third-person perspective exploring the building. Most of the gameplay will involve having to solve puzzles and completing mini-games to get a key item or to progress through the building. The fights themselves are very reminiscent of the Punch-Out! series. You have to keep an eye on your opponent and watch for visual or audio queues that will let you know what the next attack is. From there, you have to react to keep from taking damage and create an opening for you to deal some damage of your own. This game requires split-second reflexes and chances are you will need to fight the same boss a few times before their pattern becomes clear and reacting to their moves becomes second nature to you. The game’s visual style is very similar to graphic novels and there is little to no use of colors, making the black and white world very easy on the eyes and makes everything pop out. There is a demo currently available on Kickstarter and make me excited for the final release when the story is complete and you can make those traitors pay.

Download the pre-alpha demo on the game’s Kickstarter page.

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